Woluwe Promenade Konkel I II et III

1150 Woluwe Saint-Pierre / Belgique

The proposed three buildings project was erected on the place called "Plateau Konkel". It consists of 56 apartments on 7062 m². Each residence has been designed as a large villa (ground + 5), with terraces or large balconies for all apartments. The architectuur choice is to propose 3 fronts villa while most large residential projects in Brussels show only 2 fronts villas, The organization of the various units is designed so that the 2 bedroom apartments alongside studios or 1 bedroom apartment, this allows to change the size of the apartments under construction to meet the needs of buyers, as they want 1.2 3 or 4 bedrooms .

Client: Skyline Projects

Address: Rue Konkel 1150 Woluwe Saint-Pierre 1150 Woluwe Saint-Pierre Belgique

Study: 1998 - 2000
Construction: 2001 - 2005
Area: 7.062 mē

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