Lofts Jamar

1060 Saint-Gilles / Belgique

Former parking converted into lofts housing type, together representing 96 lofts. A new building will also be built along the street and include 8 nofts (New Lofts) and a polyclinic, The building is partially demolished. Its central part and half of the ramp are deleted to create interior walls and let the light come in the heart of the project. Real transformation of an obsolete building from functional and urban point of view, this renovation project offers a new meaning to the housing within this inner area. It is also one of the triggers for the renovation of the entire inner area in the neighborhood,

Client: Immo Jamar s.a.

Address: Boulevard Jamar, 19 1060 Saint-Gilles 1060 Saint-Gilles Belgique

Study: 2006 - 2008
Construction: 2008 - 2010
Area: 22.350 mē

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