Kingdom of Belgium

This exceptional project is a presentation sketch for the construction of a multipurpose Tower with a particularly ambitious Shopping Center in its base. The Tower's base develops from a square shape and its height offers a slender and contemporary aspect. At the top a relaxing area is intended along with a restaurant and panoramic terrace offering a 360° view. Its flexible plan is conceived and design for being able to gather several functions as: a Hotel, Offices and Housing of any categories with independent accesses. The whole project was studied following low-cost construction techniques, with a simplified and functional core. The architecture of the Shopping Center at the Tower's base is inspired from the famous "Serres du Palais Royal de Bruxelles"; Brussels Royal Palace Green House.

Area: 241.582 m˛ Total / HS: 183.510 m˛

In association with: Hervé Gilson International

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