Jazz Garden

1190 Forest / Belgique

Located close to National Forest, this project offers a variety of accommodations (from studios to 3 bedroom apartments), two commercial areas, 1 office, a nursery and a large public garden. The project will be very efficient in saving energy and in the selection of recyclable materials. A nursery for 25 children benefits from a private garden in the park project. Facades are made of plaster with blue stone foundations. A green roof is a big part of the project. All apartments have a double flow ventilation and individual boiler.

Client: Thomas & Piron Bātiments

Address: Avenues du Globe, Rousseau et Zaman 1190 Forest 1190 Forest Belgique

Study: 2009 - 2011
Construction: 2012 - 2014
Area: 11.912 m²

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