H˘pital universitaire Saint-Luc

1200 WoluwÚ Saint-Lambert / Belgique

General University Hospital 900 beds operationnal on 1976. The design of the building is compact with a single vertical circulation and a basis with 4 levels, spreading over more than 2 hectares dominated by the hospitalisation tower. The base houses the polyclinics, medical, administrative, social, technical and general services as well as education and research. The stomatology department is incorporated into the hospital complex.

Client: UniversitÚ Catholique de Louvain (UCL)

Address: Avenue Hippocrate, 10 1200 WoluwÚ Saint-Lambert 1200 WoluwÚ Saint-Lambert Belgique

Study: 1976 - 1976
Area: 115.000,00 m▓

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