Hall Culturel de wavre

1300 Wavre / Belgique

The Multifunctional Cultural Hall of Wavre is the result of a competition won by Montois Partners-ADE and SNC Lavalin association. It consists of a large auditorium with 850 seats, with a cage for stagecraft, 5 function rooms, a movie theater with 200 seats, the municipal library and a restaurant. The rooms on the ground floor, separated by movable walls can provide open spaces ranging from 100 to 2.500 m². The seats of the great room are mobile. 390 parking spaces are also provided.

Client: Ville de Wavre

Address: rue de L'Hermitage 1300 Wavre 1300 Wavre Belgique

Study: 2011 - 2014
Construction: 2015 - 2017
Area: 9.234 m˛

In association with: ADE

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