Residence Green

Wavre - Champ Ste.Anne / Belgium

Located in Wavre, along Brussels roadway (Chaussée de Bruxelles) this projects consists of the construction of a residential building. 50 apartments are to be provided, shared between 4 separated units. This new building marks the entrance of a whole new neighborhood to come. With a sober and contemporary architecture, the building blends into the landscape reproducing the surrounding architectural styles. The whole site will be the object of a landscape developing program contributing to the harmony of the scenery. Implanted slightly on retreat from the Brussels roadway, the building's access is made through a private service road. An existing road entrance allows the creation of a tiny square so the community Hall or multipurpose-room, installed on the building's GroundFloor, can communicate and open towards this open-sky area to welcome neighborhood activities; the main occupants being the neighbors themselves.

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Client: MATEXI Projects S.A.

Study: 2013 - 2014
Construction: 2015 -
Area: 7.298,1 mē Total / HS: 5.838,8 mē

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