Braine L'Alleud / Belgium

In the middle of green surroundings, at the end of Blücher Avenue, 4 buildings are to emerge. Buildings functions are mainly residential aiming for "high standard" quality apartments for a total of 44 units hosting high comfort apartments with 2 to 3 bedrooms + office space. Completing this housing project, another 7 units on the ground-floor are reserved for office renting. Buildings are composed of volumes of different shapes, mixing gabled and flat roofs, and playing with multiple terrace layouts creating an animated architecture. To unify the project, all 4 buildings will be dressed with the same materials, using different colors and textures but remaining sober and contemporary. Color shades match surrounding constructions and help the project blend into the landscape. Intention is also to remain discreet beside nature and to contribute with the neighborhood's "green quality".


Study: 2014 -
Area: 10.919,1 m² Total / HS: 7.533,4 m²

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